Native grassland at Pelican Walk

unnamed (19).jpg, Feb 2022

Late summer, and well worth visiting the Pelican Walk

unnamed (18).jpg, Feb 2022

The Native Grassland sign has been replaced and  is now easily legible.

unnamed (14).jpg, Feb 2022

Look carefully to see the small native flowers among the grasses. 

unnamed (17).jpg, Feb 2022

You'll be surprised how many you count if you look closely.  Train your eye!  Tasmanian plants are often dainty and subtle.

unnamed (20).jpg, Feb 2022

The Native Grassland is a tiny part of Pelican Walk Reserve.  It remains because sensitive council workers leave it unmown so that it can grow as it has for thousands of years.  Further along the Walk, eagle-eyed Rob spotted a tiny possum in a thicket.  He had already seen an echidna on Vicary Street as he walked to the Reserve.  There were magpies to keep us company, and swans on the estuary.


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